Cam Whores are Taking White Men off the Dating Market

cam whores

A run-of-the-mill Stacy can take 2-3 men off the sex market at a time. But cam whores don’t have a limit on the number of pay pigs they can have. It’s normal to have followings of hundreds and thousands. Those are the men who have submitted to their fantasy; who do not attempt to get out and date. A few hundred “aspiring models” must be putting a serious dent in the pool of available men. Is that effect studied? Are uggos doomed to the life of cat ranching now?

While you may say that incels who jerk it to their digital, female masters, would have never made a contribution to the dating pool. One must consider the difference between older incels, who have seen the cam whore industry spin up in their lifetime, vs young, meek males, who were born into it and will never be forced to face the fear of rejection. A decade ago, despair would’ve pushed some of them to make feeble attempts at wooing, despite their insecurity. Some of them would’ve succeeded. But the youngest generation won’t even bother trying, if they can replace uncertainty of reality with a comfortable delusion of the virtual “companionship.”

Overwhelming majority of white girls will never settle for Tyron. Even the ugly ones. And their male peers are disappearing at an alarming rate. Will they rise against the jew for taking it from them? Will they be forced to LARP as lesbians? Will we see the industry develop a male equivalent of cam sluts?