Changes I Want to See in America

America is a shithole

1. affordable healthcare

2. affordable housing

3. no more trash ghetto thug culture

4. no more police state fascism brutality, shooting unarmed civilians

5. no more government spying

6. affordable college

7. legalized drugs

8. legalized prostitution

9. banning gun ownership

10. no more anti-male legal system, divorce system biased against men

11. no more trillions of dollars wasted on the military and wars

12. no more cultural Marxism and degeneracy promoted by Hollywood and the media

13. no more corporate prison system that locks people up for minor non-violent crimes

14. a functional welfare, social security, social welfare system

In short, I’d like for America to stop being such a backwards, regressive shithole.

It will probably take at least 2 to 4 decades before we see this level of progress though. Obviously the retarded boomers have to die off first before any real change is possible.

Believe it or not, I was a huge Trump supporter for the past two years until I finally realized that the Republicans are the ones turning America into a shithole 3rd world country. Did you know that the top ten states that consume the most in welfare are all Republican states? I was literally a supporter of the alt-right. Anyway, as long as the Republicans retain power, things will continue getting worse. How is it that we have 10 trillion dollars to spend on pointless wars in Iraq or Afghanistan but we don’t have the money to create a function social welfare system, or to create affordable healthcare or affordable housing? I have been a Republican since 2006, but not anymore. I finally grew a brain.