Changes will Happen Once Boomers Die Off

Boomers and changes

The gatekeeper generation can’t live forever. After they die many things will change. It’s shocking to believe that so much cultural rot relies on only a few super ridiculously old fuck nuggets refusing to die, but that’s where we are. George Soros dying will be the end of antifa/ occupy wall street. These groups only survive at his whim. If the new thing is “the coffee party” but he’s just not that into it. POOF. It’s gone. Just like buzzfeed and pussy riot when the money dries up, the mercs will be gone. DNC doesn’t have money to pay homeless people like they used to.

On the right the deaths of the Koch brothers will be a giant blow to neoconservatism.

Ginsberg will die and her gatekeeper position on abortion will be finished. Roe V Wade is already falling as a carved in stone legal principle.

Legacy news is almost finished.

“Principled conservatives” and “center-left moderate democrats” are basically no longer acceptable as a team to co-fuck us up the ass.

60s radicals embeded in education are exposed and the cost/reward of college is prohibitive so their power is somewhat of a moot point; but they will die soon as well.

It’s following the trend of music companies trying to destroy limewire, eventually failing and not being able to sell 20 dollar cds, blockbuster video going out of business.

The gatekeeper model can’t last when boomers are totally obsessed with not passing the torch and instead consolidation power centered on their decrepit molding husk bodies.

Sometimes we discuss direct action or acceleration or realpolitik being the key to having a break through, but it’s worth considering that a great deal of change is going to happen simply by advanced stages of diabetes.

This isn’t to say be apathetic or not pursue various strategies of white interest but we should talk about and plan for how fucking different things are going to be just from boomers dying.

Boomers love immigrants because boomers can hire them and pay them much less than they would an American or a millennial.

It’s BS for boomers to claim to be anti-immigrant. Boomers have betrayed their own children by hiring immigrants over their children’s generation, the millennials.

Well, those same immigrants will be working in the retirement homes…