Chapter 10

ch 10

Matt realized he needed to get away for a few days so he put in notice for 10 days of vacation time to his 7-Eleven office and booked a round trip ticket to Bangkok, Thailand. Matt had googled and found an organic farm located about 2 hours outside of Bangkok is the rural area, and they had a program where volunteers could come and work for 4 hours a day and get free room and board in exchange. It sounded like a good experience so he booked a 5 day stay with them. He went to sleep early and woke up at 3AM so he could catch the 7AM flight to Bangkok.

He arrived at the airport by Uber and proceeded through the safety and security areas and still had an hour until boarding time, so he wandered around the store and food area and decided to buy some fried okra and a Budweiser beer to eat at a local independent food chain. After he finished eating, he found a nice quiet isolated corner and sat down and messed around on his Nokia phone. He texted Shivani and told her he would miss her big brown bootie.

Finally, it was time to board and he boarded and took his seat and settled in. A newer model of airplane, there was a small separating pull-out board between seats, which afforded the passengers some privacy. He put in his ear phones and turned on his MP3 player to a 10 hour playlist of trance and techno music, and then turned on his GameBoy Color and started grinding through Dragon Warrior 1. An hour into the flight an attendant came by and he requested straight whiskey double shot and she gave it to him. A couple of hours later he went to the bathroom. Matt always liked airplane bathrooms, there was something about the design of them that made him feel good. He took a big shit and then went back to his seat and played more Dragon Warrior and drank another double shot of J&B scotch when the attendant came by again.

Finally they landed at Bangkok International Airport and he got off the flight and picked up his luggage. He walked past that huge mural of the gods and demons pulled on that snake, and went to the food court. He walked over to McDonalds and ordered a Big Mac and a fried egg and took it and sat down at the food court. It was 1AM Thailand time, and he had until 8AM when the bus would leave from the airport which would take him to the local town near that organic farm. Matt went and found another secluded corner of the airport and pulled out his GameBoy Color to grind again in Dragon Warrior. He looked up and a few hours had passed, it was now 6AM. He stood up and walked back to McDonalds and ordered a sausage Egg McMuffin with no cheese, two hashbrowns, and an orange juice, and then carried the food back over to his isolated spot and sat and ate. Finally it was 7:45AM so he went to the bus stand and boarded a deluxe AC bus, took his seat, and fell asleep as the bus left towards the destination.