Chapter 11

ch 11 my novel

Matt woke up and looked out the bus window and saw the scenes of a rural third world country rolling past. Wooden houses, small bicycles, women wearing traditional long dress, and so on. They reached the small town where he would meet the contact for the farm, and would travel with him to the farm. Matt got off the bus and waited at the bus station when an older Thai female approached him and said “Are you Matt?” and he nodded, so she said “Okay, let’s go to the farm” and got into her pick-up truck.

She drove them along a highway stretch for about 15 minutes, then turned off and started on an off-road rocky pathed road, and proceeded for another 10 minutes. They went deeper and deeper into the jungle, until there was no more sounds of the city or civilization, and it was complete silence. Finally they reached and they drove into the farm and parked at the main house. The farm was large and situated on a hill, with rice paddy fields at multiple elevated levels, and the main house was situation in the valley of that hill. Matt’s first impression was that this is truly a tropical paradise, completely cut off from modern society. They got out of the truck and the older Thai woman, who’s name was Mercy, greeted her daughter, who came out to greet them.

Matt’s jaw nearly dropped and hit the ground when he saw her. She had long black hair, light brown skin, and a gorgeous looking face. He guessed she was probably around 17 or 18 years old, and Mercy introduced them, saying “This is my daughter Grace”. “Okay, let’s show you to your room” Mercy said and Matt followed her to the second floor and to a small room with a bed and a desk and a window overlooking their garden. I’ll leave you to settle in, but we’ll have lunch in about 30 minutes.

30 minutes later, Matt came down and sat down at the table and Grace walked over and put a scoop of rice on his plate, and then poured some tom yom soup into a bowl and put it next to the rice. She then put a few fried shrimp pieces on his plate and said enjoy, and Matt thanked her. ‘Good god, I could never imagine a white woman serving food like that, to a man’ Matt thought, ‘Have I died and gone to Heaven?’. The food tasted very natural, which was the opposite of most food in America which was processed and full of sodium. In America, most people were just eating cardboard food with sodium and never even tasted the natural flavor of foods.

After the meal, Mercy had Matt do some basic chores like digging a few holes for some new trees, planting some vegetable seeds, and watching her handle the rice paddy field. It was all quite interesting to see how it worked. At night he slept and there was no sound, complete silence, no sounds of the city. He spent the next 5 days doing that, eating, working, and sometimes talking to Grace, and on the 5th day he left to go back to the city and catch the bus to the airport and fly home. He got Grace’s LINE username before he left so they could keep in touch. Here was a non-western women not polluted by the influence of modern society, and so he would consider her in the future for marriage. Matt had long ago decided to never marry a western woman. Matt caught the plane home and went to his apartment.