Chapter 12

ch 12

Matt and James drove to their drug dealer’s house and called him up when they were outside. He said to come on in so they went in and told them to sit on the couch. There was a guy sitting across from them but he seemed pretty spaced out and high and was just staring at the ceiling and then he looked Matt right in the eye and said “Time… it doesn’t exist”. “Ah just ignore him” the dealer said, laughing, and gave Matt and James 3 hits of LSD each, on tiny blotter paper. “Thanks dawg” James said and gave him the money and then James and Matt left.

“Damn, that guy was fucking high on something, alright “ Matt said to James while they were driving back to Matt’s apartment. They reached and went inside. “Time to start this party” James said and they both put 2 hits of LSD under their tongues. James peered out the window thru the blinds and saw a woman carrying a bag of groceries and he burst out laughing and just couldn’t stop. Matt also started laughing hysterically, and then walked over to the VHR and turned on a VHS tape of Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. They tried watching it but it was too strange and way too trippy and so they turned it off.

Matt then put on the record of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band but it was too much stimuli and he turned it off. Matt then just laid down and stared up at the ceiling, and his consciousness felt as if it was above his head, he was looking at it from another realm. Matt looked at the clock in the kitchen and it said 2PM. A few minutes later he looked again and it says 6:30PM. “What the fuck, I just lost like 4 hours, what is happening?” and James replied “I don’t know either. I think we took too much, took too much, too much, too much”.

At that point, it was as if James and Matt were reading each other’s minds, they could hear each other’s thoughts. “Am I going to be high forever?” James muttered and Matt said “No, it’s just a drug, it will wear off in about 4 or 5 hours”. “How is it possible that we are hearing each other’s thoughts?” James asked and Matt replied “Because we are the same person”. James then responded “If we are the same person then one of us must destroy themself”. Matt looked James right in the eye and asked him “What would you do if I killed you with a knife?” and then a shocked expression hit Matt as the weight of what he had just said. Here he was, high on LSD, and talking about killing people with knives. This drug was too intense, too evil. “I’m just gonna do my best to ride it out” Matt said.

At that moment, the record player started playing Sgt Pepper’s Requim, the one minute track near the end, and divine cosmic realizations started pouring in to Matt’s head. He realized that we are all gods and that we had created this world as a playground. Matt had realized it, the ultimate truth, and it was not a mere speculation. Matt had realized that we are all gods.

As the trip started winding down, James ate some fresh bread, one of those French baguette things, and washed it down with water. He was in no mood for complex food or food with complex flavors. At one point during the trip, Matt had wondered if he was going to wake up in a mental institution and that his whole life had just been a hallucination and that he was an MK-ULTRA mind control experiment, but thankfully that did not happen. Reality returned to normal and James and Matt got on the computer and started playing World of Warcraft.