Chapter 13

ch 13 novel

Matt was having a small apartment party in his small apartment one night. On top of his iron grill table, the kind you see at those outdoor BBQs, was a record player that was playing some late 90s techno music, and he had a small couch, a TV, Playstation 2, a bed, and an electric George Foreman grill he used to cook burger patties. That was pretty much what they were eating tonight, Coors Light beer cans and grilled burger patties with jalepanos as a condiment, ketchup, mustard, and mayo were also available, and the buns were being sautéed in butter in a frying pan.

In Matt’s bedroom there was a small walkway that had a closet and then a bathroom at the end. James, Maria, and a couple of their friends were sitting in the living room area and had hooked up a set of neon Christmas lights, so it had a pretty nice ambience. They heard someone grunting and making a lot of noise from the locked bathroom in the bedroom and Matt said “Who is that guy you brought, Maria? Are they actually homeless or do they just travel by hitch-hike every now and then and forget to shower?” Maria replied “Yea they are good people but a little bit crazy maybe. Let’s go see what is going on” and Maria and Matt stood up and walked to the bathroom door.

“Is everything alright in there?” Maria asked and through the door the person shouted “SHUT THE FUCK UP!”. “What the fuck, Maria, what is with this fucking guy, we are going to have to eject him from the apartment, he’s been locked in there for like 10 or 15 minutes now” Matt said. Matt and James picked up a couple of steel baseball bats and smashed down the bathroom door, and the crazy homeless guy’s face was covered in blood. They started swinging and landing blows on him, and the homeless man sprayed blood out of his mouth as the steel bats destroyed his internal organs. He then clutched his chest, and groaned, then fell down to the ground with a thump.

“Holy shit we gotta get rid of this body” Maria said, and they dragged him out and stuffed him into a suitcase and also put some heavy lifting weights in the suitcase as well and zipped it up. It was around 12AM, midnight, so there wasn’t anyone outside and they carried the suitcase and put it in the trunk and drove to the large lake which surrounded their city and drove towards the edge of a fishing pier where they unloaded the bag and then threw it into the water, and the body sank and was gone forever. “Well that’s a relief, let’s stop by 7-Eleven and grab some food on our way back” James suggested.

They gave some magic mushrooms to the graveyard shift worker as a token of payment, and took nachos, the new 7-Eleven pizzas, Big Bites, and a few fresh sandwiches and headed back to their apartment. “Pretty wild night” Matt said, “but I’m gonna pass out now” and he went into his bedroom and fell asleep. James and the others stayed up a bit longer, talking and smoking cigarettes, but finally went to sleep too on the living room floor where they had set up a few sleeping bags.