Chapter 2

my novel

James was standing behind the counter at 7-Eleven during the early morning shift when a white male wearing blue jeans and a camoflague t-shirt walked in and said “Hey, gimme a pack of Lucky Strikes”. James turned around and picked up an unfiltered pack of Lucky Strikes and scanned them, then put them down on the counter. “That will be $7.99” James said and took the guy’s credit card and scanned it, then gave it back. “Thank you for shopping at 7-Eleven” James said, and the man walked out.

James walked to the back and went into the private office and closed the door. He sat down at the computer and logged onto his favorite alternative social media website and send a message to some people, tagging in like 15 users. James typed “Trump represents the collective consciousness of the boomers. “Why are you ungrateful millennials going to work in China instead of America?”. Well I’ll tell you why, boomer scum. Because the Chinese will pay us double of that which any boomer boss will pay us, and the Chinese are respectful and well behaved, unlike boomers who throw a temper tantrum like a child at the first sign of difficulty. God, I fucking hate boomers” and James hit Submit. Within 60 seconds, he had gotten a notification that t, short for Tim, had Liked his post, as well as Olivia and Blotz. The notifications was like heroin to James, and it filled him with vigor. James wondered why CreamUnifist never liked his posts.

James stood up and walked back to the counter and some chick in short running shorts with really tanned legs and arms walked up and put a fresh sandwich on the counter, turkey and mayo inside a pita bread filling, with lettuce and tomatoe. James had tried some of the fresh sandwiches 7-Eleven sold and they were quite good, a lot better than anything else the store offered, but even still it was pretty bland and tasteless. He scanned the sandwich and said “That will be $2.99” and she handed him three one dollar bills and said “Keep the change” and winked at him and walked out.

‘Too bad I don’t like white women, cause that one was quite hot” James thought, picked up his Android phone and logging onto Instagram where he clicked on his favorite female zoomer (Generation Z) girl’s profile and checked out her latest pics. ‘Good Lord, these 18 year old zoomer girls are hot as hell’ he thought and pressed Heart on one of the pics, then thought for a moment and un-hearted it. James understood that women operate based on a desperate need for attention, and that the more attention women received the more arrogant and egotistical they became, and the less attention they received, the more humble and down to earth they became. James obviously didn’t want to contribute to this hot little Mexican zoomer girl’s ego becoming inflated, which is why he un-hearted it.

James noticed she put “Sapiosexual” on her profile tagline and felt disgust. This 18 year old chick was already so arrogant as to be using such pretentious concepts like that? He realized it was time to take her down a peg or two and typed on her latest message “ugh, that duck face is horrifying” and hit Send. A quick fast-forward in the story: He checked her account 8 hours later and she had removed Sapiosexual from her tagline and had posted a new pic, one of those motivational quote pics, which said “Men who give you attention are too easy but it’s the men who refuse to give you attention that you need to seek after”. “Yes” James thought, it worked. He had primed her up, and he hit “Direct Message” and sent her a DM.
Un-flash-forward, back to previous time-line: James put his phone in his pocket as a police man walked into 7-Eleven and walked over to the coffee machine and poured himself a nice tall glass of coffee. James watched as the cop put in cream and sugar and a hint of vanilla extract and stirred it. The cop then grabbed a glazed donut from the donut tray and walked out, nodding to James as he did. Policemen get free coffee and donuts, according to local 7-Eleven procedures. ‘Jokes on him, though’ James laughed to himself, because that glaze on the donuts was a different sort of glaze.

James was eager for his shift to end, because he had just bought a new PC game called World of Warcraft, which was already getting massively rave reviews. People were calling it the next evolution of Everquest. James really liked MMORPGs because they were generally non-demanding games that allowed you to turn off your brain and just grind and enjoy. There was always a sense of progression, instead of a normal game that has an ending and once you hit it, you lose interest. James remembered one review he had read last night, that said that WoW basically streamlined all of the systems of Everquest and Final Fantasy 11 and made it super easy so that even a casual player could easily play it and enjoy it. The clock chimed 10AM and James walked into the back, logged off the clock, and walked out the back door, got in his car, and drove home.