Chapter 3

my novel ch 3

James got to his apartment, grabbed a Natural Ice Light beer from his fridge, then sat down and started the World of Warcraft program. He logged in and then entered the starter zone, a desert area. He was an Orc and playing as a Mage. He walked up to the quest giver and he gave him a quest to kill 6 pigs. So he ran over to the farm stable area and quickly slaughtered 6 pigs with his Ice and Fire spells, burning them alive. For the next 8 hours he went back and forth like that, doing quests and leveling up and moving to the higher zone areas.

He had gotten a bit thirsty and hungry so he got in his car and drove to 7-Eleven. He walked up to the sandwich fresh food fridgerated area and took a pita bread sandwich with turkey, mayo, tomatoe and lettuce and grabbed a Monster energy drink and went to the register. Maria, the hot Mexican girl was working so he said sup and asked how’s it going. “Going good” Maria replied, and James told her he got some meth and marijuana he was going to do at his apartment and what time she got off. Maria told him her shift was ending in 15 minutes so James said “I’ll wait, and let’s leave together”.

James walked over to the magazine area up front and picked up a copy of PC Gamer magazine. It had a few articles about various games, Half Life 2, Doom 3, Divine Divinity, The Sims 2, and GTA SA. James had played Doom 3 and thought it was a great game. He used the god-mode cheat in the game and blew thru all the levels very quickly, but sometimes the design of the maps was confusing and he got lost for a bit. The Sims 2 had been very nice, he used an unlimited wealth cheat and built a very high quality house with all the highest quality items. He didn’t much like the Sims games though, they gave me a creeping feeling of horror. James flipped to the section about World of Warcraft and started reading.

It gave really rave reviews, and multiple authors were talking about the game. He turned to the page about raiding and saw how 25 people could raid at the same time. It looked amazing, and he was determined to hit the raiding level as soon as possible. He flipped over to the page about Divine Divinity and saw how it was a very good looking isometric RPG. ‘How the hell did I not hear about this one yet?’ he thought to himself, as he was a huge isometric RPG fan. Just at that moment, Maria walked up and said “Let’s blow this place”. James turned and saw she was wearing short shorts, her sexy brown legs toned and really hot looking. She was wearing a tank top which showed off her massive jugs, and James said “Let’s go” and they got in his car and drove to his apartment.

Once they were inside, they sat down at the computer and Maria started playing WoW with his character, and they took turns smoking a meth pipe, smoking marijuana, drinking Natural Ice Light beers, and playing the MMORPG toon. “Holy shit, this game rocks, I could play this all night” Maria exclaimed, downing another sip of beer, and James replied “Let’s”. They kept playing, and since neither of them had to work for another 3 days, they just kept on playing for the next 72 hours. Over the course of those 72 hours, if either of them got tired, they would hit the meth pipe and just keep on going. Maria at one point took her shirt off and was playing in only her bra, saying “Wow, it’s hot in here” and James agreed and took off his pants and was sitting in his boxer shorts.

They joined a dungeon group and one of the people in the group asked in chat “Do you guys have TeamSpeak” and James typed yea and gave him his TeamSpeak ID and then logged on. “Hey guys, what’s up? You all enjoying WoW?” the player asked through the audio/voice system and James and Maria said “Hell yea” and Maria added “I am having so much fun. This is the greatest game I will ever play in my life”. The player said “Yeah I know what you mean, anyway let’s hit the dungeon” and they cleared out the trash mobs and then reached the first boss. “Okay, so drag him around so he doesn’t stay in one position, that way he can’t hit us with his AoE” the player said and Maria said “Okay”.

Maria was playing expertly, even with her fake plastic one-inch long nails which were painted a hot pink color. ‘Damn, that’s hot’ James thought as he gazed at her nails. Maria delivered the final blow and killed the boss and picked up the loot, which was right for her class. She right-clicked it and equipped it and it gave a decent damage boost to her DPS. “Okay, let’s keep going” Maria said into TeamSpeak and the dungeon party moved on.

James took over and sat down at the keyboard and requested Maria to prepare the Totino’s frozen pizzas by putting them in the oven. Maria walked over to the kitchen, opened the freezer, pulled out two Totino’s frozen pizzas and opened them. She tore off the plastic covering and put both on a flat baking tray after spraying anti-stick on it. She put it in the oven and set it at 400 degrees and put on a timer for 15 minutes then came and sat back down next to James at the computer.

“Kite that mobs away from the healer” James said into the microphone and the TeamSpeak members said okay. They finished the dungeon, and James said “Let’s take a break” and he turned on The Sims 2 and let Maria take over. She designed a super elegant luxury house with all manner of floor tiles, wallpaper, high end furniture and custom rooms. The timer chimed and James grabbed the two pizzas and they ate them.