Chapter 5

Ch 5 novel

Matt was sitting alone in his apartment, with a marijuana pipe in front of him and he took one hit of the smoke, and Simon and Garfunkel’s Bookends album was playing on the record player next to him. He blew out that one hit and listened to the music. About five minutes later, he felt a very powerful ecstasy radiating out of his heart chakra and it enveloped him and continued flowing and surrounded him. “My god, I was asleep my entire life but now I am truly awake” he muttered, realizing that this was the natural energetic state of humans but that we had been poisoned by chemicals and brainwashed by fear-based propaganda our whole lives and thus our chakras and heart chakra especially had been closed off.

Matt decided to take a walk outside in the neighborhood next to his apartment. It was 3AM so there wouldn’t be anyone else outside at this time. The feeling of ecstasy was so powerful, he wondered if it would ever go away or if he would be permanently high. He walked through the dark streets, in an affluent neighborhood, enjoying the sights of the expensive homes. Matt always felt more alive at night than during the day, and he really felt alive now that his heart chakra was radiating divine energy. He walked back towards his apartment through a back alley, which he enjoyed because he felt invisible. If needed, he could duck and hide and take cover almost instantly. It was a thrilling feeling.

Matt reached his apartment and went to his computer and sat down and logged on AIM. He told one of his friends what was happening, and his friend said “Yes, in India they call this being “god-intoxicated”. This is what the elite wants to suppress, to keep you from awakening your own divinity”. Matt then logged onto 4chan and saw a thread ranting against baby boomers.

Matt typed onto the 4chan thread “Look at the state of affairs of white people, of white western countries. You have white children, white youth, openly cheering for the death of the elderly, the baby boomers. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that such a society is very close to collapse and has no future. White people have lost the will to exist and that is why they are allowing themselves to be invaded and replaced by non-white immigrants”. He then pondered further and typed out a reply to his own post. He typed “Any society that openly cheers for the death of it’s elders is a society with no future. In China, India, South America, Russia, anywhere else, they take care of the elderly but white western people have become so evil and selfish, they throw them in a nigger-run retirement home to be abused by nigger nurses. At the same time, I don’t feel any pity for boomers because they were a truly evil generation. I’ve seen the worst of the boomers, the pedophiles and rapists and I noticed that pretty much 90% of boomers support them. It’s no exaggeration then to say that the boomers are a generation of pedophiles. Even still, it feels me with dread to see the youth cheering so openly for the death of their elders like this.”

Enough of this, Matt thought, and picked up a cigarette pack and took out an unfiltered Lucky Strike cigarette and light it. Matt remembered back to a time a baby boomer had shouted at him because Matt had dared to speak negatively about feminism. ‘You know what, I’m glad these boomers are going to get tortured and abused by the nigger and Mexican nurses in the retirement homes and home hospice care. They are evil and they deserve it’ Matt mused to himself. Matt then clicked onto Instagram and went to the page of that boomer and typed out onto his recent post “ok boomer. When are you gonna die, boomer? Kill yourself boomer”. Matt decided that he would start working towards a goal of getting trained in a profession, and then taking his training and moving to China. Matt had spoken to a few Americans who live and work in China and they had told him that they get paid twice or three times more than what they would get paid in America for the same job. Matt realized that he should take an internship in America for a few months, quit, then move to China and use the experience to get hired there.

Matt also planned to find a wife and have kids with a Chinese woman. In America only an idiot male would get married due to how anti-male the divorce laws are. Tens of millions of American men had had their lives destroyed in divorce by their bitch wives. Meanwhile China was taking the exact opposite course, and actually passed a law that said there was a mandatory 30 day cooling off period before a couple could apply for divorce. In China the government was trying to build strong families, and thus China has a future, whereas America doesn’t. Most Americans being born were mutts, mixed race freaks who don’t look white or Mexican. White men were treated like complete shit in America, meanwhile in China or Asia white men are treated like gods and can get any girl they want. Life is far better in Asia for white men, and only retarded white men would rather stay in America than move to Asia.

The funny part is watching how angry white women get when all of their men are leaving them and moving to Asia or marrying Asian women living in the West. But white women nowadays act like spoiled little brats, overgrown obnoxious children, and what sane man wants to deal with that? Yes, life in Asia, in China, would be far better than living in a nigger-infested subhuman society like America that demonizes white men, who are the only productive members of society and who pay the vast majority of taxes. A society that demonizes it’s most productive class is obviously a society that wants to collectively commit suicide, a society with no future.

Matt tried to clear these thoughts from his head, and focus on something else. He decided it would be cool to log onto Hover Race, which was one of the first online multiplayer games ever. You just control a hover car and race around a track and try to win first place. Matt remembered back to when he first played it. It had been such a novelty, actually playing online with other real humans. It had felt pretty awesome, just like how he had felt when he had tried AOL Online for the first time. AOL Online felt like a whole new world opening up, before that, people were limited to their own small social circle, but now people could connect with other people all over the world. The internet had ushered in a new age, and Matt was basically a child of the internet age. That and video games. Matt’s first video game had been Super Mario 1 in 1989. At the time, he didn’t realize how massive video games would become but as he had played RPGs like Dragon Warrior 1 and Ultima 4 Quest of the Avatar for NES 8 Bit, he began to become addicted to gaming and felt more and more immersed in the alternate reality gaming was creating.