Chapter 6

ch 6 my novel

James and Matt were sitting in Matt’s car outside Taco Bueno at 9PM. Matt said “Are you ready for this, dawg?” and James replied “Hell yeah!”. They slipped on their ski masks, picked up their wooden baseball bats, and exited the car. They rushed inside and leaped over the counter and started smashing all the machines. A boomer manager ran up to them and shouted “What the hell are you doing?” and Matt swung his bat and CRACK- he landed a hard blow on the back of the boomer’s skull and the boomer fell face forward and his face landed on the grill. Matt loved the smell of charred meat and got hungry.

The frightened Mexican workers huddled in the back, and didn’t dare to step forward as Matt and James smashed apart everything. James swung the ball at the soda machine and it exploded, spraying soda everywhere. Matt picked up a bucket of boiling oil and threw it at the workers and it splashed all over them, burning their clothes and they started screaming in pain. “Okay, time to jet!” Matt yelled and him and James jumped over the counter and ran back to their car, got in, and drove away really fast. They turned into a neighborhood and drove slowly through a back street, getting farther and farther away, and then reached a main street and turned onto it and drove away from the Taco Bueno. They had gotten away scot-free. “Oh shit what about the license plates?” James asked Matt, and Matt replied “No worries, I changed them to a fake one before we went there, so the surveillance video won’t trace it to us, don’t worry”.

They drove to Matt’s apartment and sat down on his couch and James turned on the NES 8 bit system after inserting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3, the Manhattan Project cartridge. They played co-op, the game mode where both were on the same screen fighting together against enemies, and worked their way through level after level. “Nothing like the classics” James said and Matt replied “Yeah, these old games have soul, something 99% of modern games lack”. James said “Let’s bust out your Sega CD a bit later and play some of those games, that system had a few gems that were really good games” and Matt said okay.

They started drinking beer, Coors Light 16 ounce cans, and played through a few more NES games like Chip N Dale, and California Games. In California Games, they competed against each other in a multitude of games, like an Olympics of sorts. James said “Damn dude, I’m feeling pretty tired, cool if I crash here?” and Matt said “No problem”. James finished his 4th beer and nodded off on the couch, and Matt got up and went over to his computer and talked to Shivani for a bit and invited her to come over and cook some indian food and she agreed to meet him tomorrow. “Funny how no white woman would ever cook for a man, cause white women see that as slave work, but an indian girl or Mexican girl will be super submissive towards a white guy and cook for him and serve him”. Matt checked out 4chan real quick but there was no good threads, only CIA demoralization shill threads, so he closed Netscape Navigator browser and went to his bed and passed out.