Chapter 9

ch 9 my novel

Matt was working the evening shift at 7-Eleven when an unkempt black male walked in and started looking around. He walked up to the cash register and looked directly at Matt and said “I know that you know. I know you! You are keeping the secret”. Matt replied “Uh, okay”. The black man kept rambling about knowing the secret, and Matt said “Can I help you with something? I’m going to have to ask you to leave, or else I will call the police”. The nigger got visibly flustered and said angrily “Remember, I know you!” and stormed out. “Jesus Christ, these fucking niggers are out of control” Matt said to himself. Thinking back on his life, whenever a dangerous or uncomfortable situation had occurred, 9 times out of 10 it had involved a nigger. Black men were completely out of control in America, which is the real reason the police shoot them so often. If black men would stop acting like niggers and start cooperating with the police, maybe they wouldn’t get shot so often.

Matt called up James and told him what had happened and James said “Yea, these nigger men are out of fucking control. Even black women hate them now. The only women who are degraded and disgusting enough to want black men are white women. White women are basically niggers too now. As for black women, they are all crazy for white men. Black women are well behaved and appreciate good men, since they’ve had to deal with useless nigger men their whole life. That’s why black women treat white men so respectfully. As for white women, well who do you think is voting for all this open borders multiculturalism bullshit? White women. White women are voting to bring in subhuman black men for sexual purposes. White women are literally destroying Western civilization just so they can have easy access to black cocks. So in that sense, white women are the bane of the white race and are the reason why the white race has been in decline for the past 50 years”.

“Yes, that makes perfect sense” Matt replied, adding “Let’s see if these stupid white bitches think it’s fucking funny when they are getting raped and beaten and robbed in the streets by all these nigger immigrants they voted to bring in. I sure as hell wouldn’t stop to help them. Like, if I was walking down the street and saw a white woman getting robbed or raped by a nigger, I would simply keep on walking. Let these race-traitor white bitches get exactly what they deserve. Anyway I got to go, got to get back to work” and Matt hung up.

He went into the back door freezer area and start restocking the cold drinks. He grabbed a Monster energy drink and opened it up and took a sip. This was probably his favorite part of the job, because he could just be alone and relax back here. He restocked the Gatorade, the Sprite and Coke sodas, the energy drinks, and the cheap bottled wine that was fruit colored, MD40. He snagged a bottle and put it in his back pocket, resolving to drink it later. He then went to restock the cigarette counter and pocketed a pack of unfiltered Lucky Strikes. He knew they wouldn’t miss it. Lastly, he grabbed a Big Bite hotdog and put it in the paper carton and then grabbed a tomatoe lettuce turkey swiss cheese sandwich and logged off the clock, got in his car, went home, and ate his dinner.