Christianity and Feminism Unite to Ban Prostitution

Christianity and Feminism are the same thing

There is a huge movement now to ban prostitution in the Netherlands, which has seen legal prostitution since 1999. Funny enough, the prostitutes themselves are extremely against this ban. So who started this ban? It was a CHRISTIAN FEMINIST organization. See, Christianity hates sex and feminism also hates sex because both christians and feminists are ugly, pathetic, weak people. This exact same situation happened in the late 1910s in America. It was a Christian feminist women’s group that demanded that the US government make prostitution illegal.

If men had access to legal, easy, and cheap sex in the form of prostitution, men would start becoming less weak and less anxious. Christianity feeds of weak and anxious people and tells them that unless they convert to Christianity, they will go to hell forever. As for feminism, well women hate men and want to make it so that men are sexually repressed and thus easier to control.

If these feminists and christians actually cared about the prostitutes, they would make it fully legal and fully regulated by the government. As it stands, because it is illegal, prostitutes have the highest murder rate. If it was legal and regulated to secured brothels, then there would probably be almost no murders of prostitutes anymore. So by making it illegal, these feminists and christians are directly responsible for the deaths of all these prostitutes.

And weak men vote in favor of this garbage because they WANT to be controlled by women. Most western men are pussies.