Chrono Trigger is a Game From When Games Had Soul


Despite a rocky start, CHRONO TRIGGER has been recieving much-needed attention since its initial February release. Many of the features that irked or otherwise hindered players have all been patched, and the game is now actually playable for it. Unfortunately, this may be too little too late with some, as this release has already garnered a reputation about it.

That said, due to the various patches made, newcomers will not even experience many of these shortcomings. If you were turned off by the porting disaster this originally was, Please consider the game again. Firstly, a hand full of the animated cutscenes that Toriyama created were removed. And for the life of me, I can’t see why. Also, certain content from the DS version was also excluded, such as the Arena of Ages. Also missing is a good deal of content from the “extras” you can unlock from the main menu. And seeing this was a port of the mobile version (more on that later), a lot of holdovers from that still exist, like the password entries for the Arris Dome, the Factory, or saving Lucca’s mother. On top of this, I had to deal with crashes. And the reason seemed to be when the wireless controller I was using turned itself off from being idle too long, the game would crash.

Outside of these, there are also a few nitpicks. Some of the games sound effects were incorrect, there was a single row of pixels across the top of the screen that wouldn’t get covered by the black bars on the left and right side of the screen (also noticeable across the entire row on fade-ins and fade-outs). In fact, there were a BUNCH of tiny little graphical problems that went overlooked. And while it’s cool to play the game in a new resolution, the time and care needed to fix all the issues that come from changing the resolution was neglected horribly. And also, the achievements were very uninspired. There was a lot of opportunity for the achievements that could have been tied to some clever or creative things you’d have to do in the game, but all 13 were tied to just getting all the different endings in the game. “Get all the endings in the game” could have been its own, single achievement. It’s also unfortunate that there is no turbo feature. A feature that Square has been adding to many of the recent ports to Steam, such as the Final Fantasy titles.

The reality of it all, though, is that Square, by just porting the mobile version (the worst version of Chrono Trigger) put in as minimal effort as possible. Chrono Trigger is arguably one of Square’s best masterpieces, if not THE quintessential masterpiece of their entire library. And you’d think when bringing it to a platform that the most people own, that is forever backwards compatible, and most easily accessible, they would have treated this game with the respect and care that it deserves. And while, yes, they did make an effort to try and correct this after the fact, it was only due to fan backlash and not because they actually cared about the product they released. On that front, btw, a big shout out to the Chrono Trigger Restoration Project team who endeavored to try give the game the love and care that it deserves. I used the mod during all of my playthroughs and it helped greatly.