Collapse the Feminist System by Avoiding Marriage

Don't do it

You’ll eventually learn that women are essentially worthless and long term exposure to them will increase your debt level. The most important thing in life is making money, investing it wisely, and being self reliant – some men flock to women because they themselves have fucking mommy issues.

The USA has local state and federal govt FULL of corrupt traitors, and THEIR power is INCREASED by creating social instability which they will NOT “return” to you! Women, like illegal invaders, are REWARDED for being selfish parasites and “revoking” their gravy train by “marriage laws” enforced by said corrupted governments will never ever happen. Thus the only option is to never, ever get married. And it seems most men have woken up. Something like 75% of men surveyed said they are not interested in marriage anymore. This is making women go literally INSANE because women are parasites who cannot live without men. Feminism liberated MEN, actually.

Getting married in expectation of a 1920s traditional ‘Pa and Ma’ relationship is similar to trying to drive an un-registered Model T Ford on the highway.. You will end up in Police custody within minutes! The only way things are going to go back to a “traditional” way of life is if modern society collapses. And we may very well see that happen in our lifetimes. The only real duty of men now is to simply warn as many young men as possible to never get married. If we can stop millions of men from marrying American women, then the feminist system will simply collapse. It only exists because men ALLOW it to exist by VOLUNTARILY submitting to it!