Communist Trash Elizabeth Warren says FREE Childcare for All

Socialism Sucks

Elizabeth Warren has said she will make childcare FREE for all Americans. Nothing is free, you socialist scum. My position is the same as it has always been. Sterilize any men with an IQ under 120 and then let men who have an IQ over 120 take as many wives as they want. Why should stupid poor people be allowed to breed? Reproduction is NOT a human right. Why should I have to pay taxes to support your worthless bastard offspring? If you cannot afford to have children then you have no fucking right having them. And no, I don’t give a fucking shit about your worthless children. They can go eat out of a fucking trashcan for all I care.

Anyway, check out some of the comments people are writing on the article:

How about unveiling a plan that says if you can’t afford your children, don’t have them because the rest of us are tired of paying for your spawn.

Confiscating wealth already earned should be of concern to all Americans. Opening this door is a one way street. It only gets worse and the bar will steadily get lower.

Once again, taking what doesn’t belong to you and giving to other people. They think they are Robin Hood, but really they are just robbers.

If you can’t afford to have children, then do not have them. It is not the responsibility of the entire nation to pay for the care of children to parents who can’t afford them. Crazy Beaver needs to retire and knit quilts like most women her age do instead of going after more taxpayer dollars….

lizzy comes up with a new way to spend other peoples money every day to buy votes, socialism only works till liberals run out of other peoples money!

Just like welfare – this encourages poor life decisions!!! If you cannot afford to raise a child and/or have a support system in place – DO NOT HAVE A CHILD!! It is not the responsibility for society to support you because you want to breed!!!

The problem with Warren other than being Warren, is that the threshold of taking money from the “rich” will eventually be lowered to the millionaires and then to the thousandaires due to running out of socialist money.

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’m getting really tired of paying for all this ‘Free Stuff’. Hell, we’ll never be able to pay for all the stuff that’s already Free.

“Universal” is the dems’ new word for “we’re going to get votes by offering free stuff, and pay for it by increasing taxes on the hard-working citizens to the point where everyone is dependent on the government for every aspect of their being.” Oh, the short version is COMMUNISM!

She definitely is a good little communist. Free, if the working, tax paying (citizen) pays a tax rate of 80%.

It will not be long before people with over $150K income will be taking home less than $50K in their paycheck due to paying for everyone else’s freebies.

screw that. if you can’t afford to have kids, then don’t. IT IS NOT the responsibility of society to carry the load and take care of your kids for you.