Crusader Kings 2 is Autism to the Max


For 60 years my character was a cruel lustful degenerate regularly travelling to royal courts and impregnating queens empresses and princesses alike and on the home front his courtiers and vassals and sons wives and also likes to torture his courtiers vassals and enemies. Then goes on a crusade and returns as Hector the sword of Jesus and then gets elected Holy Roman Emperor. When i quit he was still reigning for 90 years altogether and at the ripe age of 106 he was regularly impregnating his great grand daughters. I love this game so many possibilities.

It’s ridiculously complicated, and the tutorial isn’t much help, but it’s really fun once you start getting the hang of things through trial and error. Patience is virtue. I’ve played it for almost 1000 hours and still feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s on offer. It’s a fantastic game. I have spent more time on this game than I have with members of the opposite sex. I don’t need love. I need medieval eugenics. Everything that looked interesting to me required one of the AU$440 worth of DLC. Its like they sold me the name of a game, then made it free to play and moved all of the content into 10 other games you have to buy to go with it. Actually absurd.