Dark Souls is Super Over-rated and Bad

dark souls

Have you play any Souls game recently, /v/? Currently on my DS2 first playthrough, just arrived at Drangleic Castle. I finished DS2 recently and am at the end of DS3. Its depressing when I’ve spent so many hours on the games but now I’m running out of content. I wish bloodborne would come to PC already. It gets a lot of shit here but I really enjoy Drangleic castle. It just has this eerie feel that reminds me of King’s Field. Just started ng+ on 3 but I felt bored after breezing through the high wall so I quit for a while. Also on my first play on 2, took a break in iron keep for some reason. I was drunk. I have 200 hours in one save file. I am done with NG+ing. I just wanna get the most amount of souls from the most challenging content in the game without the middleman. I just completed my second playthrough of Dark Souls 3. I always felt a little sad entering her chambers and seeing an empty couch. By the way, can firekeepers get pregnant? Anyone else don’t like the fast pace of DS3? It’s feels more like a BB lite than a DS game. It’s a frequent complaint, but simultaneously brought up as a reason it’s better than the other games. Quite polarizing. Personally I don’t think it works that well in Bloodborne either, especially considering how many slow retarded giant creatures it has.