Date Women Between 18 to 21

Young Ones

Oh, and court GIRLS of quality, not women, who are, unless they are one-man-woman widows, by definition, trash. By girls, I mean women between the ages of 18 to 21.

But, “you only bear the seal of Maturity if you pay me for my cunt and my larvae” is patently wrong. I spend every cent I make on toys, fun, and travel. There are no little niglets, piglets, Siglets, Chiclets, Spiclets, or whatever running around with the divine advantage of my DNA to be squandered by some slut zombie.

How is that not mature? How is NOT creating the future generation of sluts, whores, and criminals by avoiding the Western woman not the very pinnacle of maturity?

Meanwhile, I get wealthier, more secure, and happier. I am all for the idea of having children, as long as the first child is only the second living thing that has ever graced that vagina.

The vagina of the Western woman is a tunnel straight to, and from, hell.

Maturity is enjoying life, not caring what others think of one’s choices, and not creating children in dismal, low-success-rate circumstances (aka, with a slut.)

Why not just let them get bred out of existence? They will get knocked up by (insert other race dick here.) (*I mean, insert a LOT of them)

and then her defilement of the gift she was given will end.

And, keep our eyes open for younger, unspoiled, girls of character to watch to see how they come along, and to talk out of the dead-end world of sluttery. Once again, by younger girls, I mean women between 18 to 21. Girls between 18 to 21 are chill, fun, cool, and still have youthful beauty. LOL, I’ve even seen 23 year old girls getting jealous of 18 year old girls. Western modern women are already shit by age 23!