Deep Rock Galactic is a Very Interesting Game


An absolutely enthralling experience. Deep Rock Galactic makes for one of the best Cooperative Experiences I have played in recent years. Every little detail about this game was developed with a purpose whether it be functional or not. I’ve been playing this game since it pretty much dropped in Early Access on Steam and every step of the way I’ve been astounded at how polished and enjoyable the game is. Ghost Ship games deserves every bit of praise it has mustered and more.

Now that I have gotten my praise out of the way let me explain a few reasons why I think this game is as fun as it is.

Exploration: DRG uses procedural generation to craft near limitless variations of complex cave systems including nasty bugs and weird plant stuff. I remember when DRG was early in development you’d be able to recognize certain cave patterns since the game seemed to run on a tile based map generation. Now however, every cave is a mystery to me, every turn is just another dark path that seemingly leads deeper and deeper into whatever dark abyss I led myself into. Seriously, whatever procedural algorithm these guys cooked up does it’s job and does it well.

Class Synergy: This is the bread and butter that makes DRG probably the best Cooperative experience on the market. From Day 1 all four of the classes in DRG has had a purpose. Each class compliments the others but I find that none stand above the rest.
- The Driller: Able to quickly dig to hard to reach places/clear obstacles/or extract precious minerals. Great at clearing large groups of small bugs.
- The Engineer: Can lay down platforms to form new paths or create a safe spot to mine in poor locations. Turrets are great at keeping the hordes at bay.
- The Gunner: Able to transport the entire team across large caverns with his trusty zipline. Heavy guns and drop shield make him the Ideal bodyguard while the others mine.
- The Scout: The High Mobility class that can use his personal zipline to traverse to hard to reach spots, This makes him a great miner cause he can reach the high up minerals. He also has high powered flares to help light up large caves.

Each of these classes play very differently and contribute something valuable to the team as a whole. I’ve never felt like one class was underpowered or any other was overpowered but I guess that could also be that we are all working for the same outcome.

Truly, I can only think of one major complaint I had during all of the Early Access period. I wanted more, what they gave was fantastic and it made me want more biomes, more missions, more endgame content, etc. and they have delivered on pretty much all fronts and keep doing more. You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t at least give this game a try. If it’s not your kinda game then no harm just return it or something, but If you do stick around then your in for something special. ROCK AND STONE!!!