Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the Best Deus Ex Game

mankind divided

Human Revolution was the best reboot/sequel/prequel of the Deus Ex franchise. This appears to build on top of that. I’ve only played only 3 hours but most of that is still re-learning to play it. Overall, it was alright. Not as good as HR, but decent. Except where subtitles are concerned. Here, MK fell short, sometimes woefully so. I found it annoying that NPC chatter was not subtitled. Which means if Jensen walks up to a security panel and starts hacking it and the player is deaf, the player won’t hear a passing cop warn Jensen to get away from the panel. Shooting commences.

Nowhere in the game is Eliza Cassan subtitled, which means the ENTIRE NEWS REPORT AT THE END IS NOT ACCESSIBLE TO DEAF GAMERS. Alright, you’ve gone too far, Eidos. Mankind Divided is a rorschach test. In my opinion, the core refinement of Human Revolution’s gameplay is undeniably crisp. Even then, I’ve seen complaints ranging from overly-complex key bindings to “consolized” controls being too simple. Everything I like or don’t like been praised or hated by someone else. Content was cut, moved, rearranged, and sold as dlc. The narrative spliced the story structure short to sell another game. Microtransactions were shoved in and fans revolted. It’s another example of a publisher afraid of a game’s sales scaring people away by pushing whatever financial safety nets they could.

If you go into this game without expectations and play it on its own terms you’re going to be completely enthralled. I started playing on a lazy sunday in an inqusitive mood. The narrative isn’t as focused as the story structure we got with DE:HR, but I still find myself genuinely intrigued in the main events when I’m not lost in side missions. By lunchtime I’d survived a terror attack, stopped a drug ring, and disbanded a sewer cult.

Right now I’m playing Breach mode, and since I’m not worrying about achievements or worried about microtransactions I already know I’m not buying it’s a fun little diversion. Considering all the dlc campaigns, I’m going to be playing this game for a long time. This is an amazing game and the perfect game to play while waiting for Cyperpunk 2077. Both of these games share a lot of similarities: Amazing graphic, RPG elements (every decision you make have different consequences), all unique main and side missions without any repetition, great story, many upgrade path / character level up, many ways to accomplish each missions (stealth, action packed, or even talk your way out of it), cyperpunk work, huge amount of effort is placed into designed the world (from each character’s costume, environments, cities, details, everything). Overall, an incredible experience not to be missed for all action-adventure thrill seekers. Highly recommended!

I love the graphics and I love the fact that I’m playing it in Ubuntu. It is a huge install at almost 70GB but I started the install and went to bed. The graphics are amazing and the performance is very high, but I am running it on server class phenom 6 core with 24(available) GiB RAM. It takes about 10 min to get to the entry screen, I’m guessing I’m getting at least 60fps on medium – high graphics settings. But once it loads the gameplay is very fast and I may need to reduce speed on my mouse and possibly limit fps. With the deep discounts for Square Enix this weekend, it only cost me about $6 US. Considering I paid $60 for Human Revolution (well worth the price), this is a steal.