Did Gaming Peak in the Late 1980s?

80s games

Literally every game in this collage has a superior game in the same series released in the 90s. Zelda II is better too. The first game’s controls are really stiff. The overworld is boring but the dungeons are good. LTTP fixes all of this. I think humanity peaked at 90s and we have been living in a limbo all these years: remakes, remasters, reimaging “old” movies and games from then. It really was. Up to 6th gen, the possibilities for game creators to do totally new and creative things not doable on previous hardware was only increasing. The problem is, they put an ethernet port and a hard drive in a couple of them and that has since led mostly to innovations in extracting money from consumers and being able to release unfinished software, so 7th gen is where I got off the train. 90s and maybe early 00s was the last time where original content was still the norm. Not true for Mega Man, Kirby and arguably Mario. Scratch that,, Kirby’s Adventure came out in the 90’s to begin with.