Did Tinder and Instagram Ruin Women?

tinder instagarm

I consider that the problem is that they think that theydeserve much better than what they actually do. The new technologies have made the hypergamy more evident, since now women can choose form more men just by having access to the internet. I mean, a below average thot can access like 90% of the menand have like a million matches in tinder, and all they need is to post photos on the beach on instagram to get hundreds of likes. This made them think they deserve a lot when by themselves are not worth a fuckin dime. What are your opinions? I can’t wait for the ultra depression to come. These whores will become living breathing currency. Nothing but stock.

Go to a pub or engage in hobbies in which women are also interested. My hobbies are kinf of “masculine”, since I like videogames and heavy metal, but a lot of women love men that are passionate about something. Try to share this good energy, not beeing desperate of getting pussy, but instead trying to enjoy her as a human being. In tinder women fell like godesses just for existing, and are in a position of power. Reality is rather different. Not a Chad, just a guy that considers women to be human beings. I am a musician and I lift. I could have a girlfriend if I wanted to, but I am looking for a woman that is worth me abandoning my bachelorhood and the freedom it entails. It’s hard as hell.

Yep, and I can vouch for this from personal experience. My last ex was 28 when I met her, then once she hit her 30’s and I hadn’t proposed nor put a baby in her, she went full mental. I mean she already had issues up there as it was, but by this point she had become practically an entirely different person. Attempted suicide several times and tried to kill me once. Hypergamy means 90% of women fuck 10% of men. Unless you are in the top 10% of men you won’t get much. And the top 5% get much more than the rest of the top 10%. The game is rigged against men, wake up. Even the money distribution / social class distribution is not as much fucked up.