Dishonoured is a Pretty Decent Game

good game

The game is fine though but short. People are such morons. The gameplay of Dishonored 2 is better than the first in almost every way, there are well designed levels, and the setting is cool (though arguably not as good as Dunwall depending on who you talk to). Still, it’s a good game but people disregard it because of a black woman or gay characters. It’s fucking stupid.

Actually, Dishonored 2 was a lazy as fuck recycled game. The plot is literally a retelling of brigmore witches. Then they asspull delilah being jessamaine’s sisters and her whole motivation was jessamine was mean to her as a kid. It was a direct sequel that was by and far unnecessary in a series ehat should have been an anthology, but oh noes emily’s been dishonored again, time to reclaim the kingdom! Then doto came out and just holy shit what a god damn mess. Let’s take a neato trickster god and just make him a captured young street urchin that was sacrificed by cultists. and why did they do this? Because the they looked at the stars in the sky and they literally told them to do it. Then daud went from anti hero hero to old man yelling blaming the void for all his problems. What a shitshow this series turned into. god damn.

Imagine having Daud, played by Michael FUCKING Madsen, one of the most badass people on this fucking planet, as part of your IP. And then you don’t fucking use him as the protagonist in death of the outsider.