Dissidia Final Fantasy Sucks


Even though this game doesn’t play like the original Dissidia games that I played before, this one is still really good. It has actual good graphics, good mechanics once you practice, and the fact that you can change and customize the characters is amazing.
So why am I not recommending this game? Because after I purchased the deluxe version, which I assumed unlocked everything, I looked at what DLC the game actually had,….and I was without words. The greed that this game shows is a disgrace to the Final Fantasy name. To even attempt to charge for each costume/weapon set, per character, per “set” number, is disgusting. This game does not deserve to get a positive review if this is the kind of business model they think would be successful. If I had seen it first, I would not have bought the game. Luckily I only did it on sale.

I started on FF2 for Super Nintendo, so I am one of your oldest followers, and you have broken my soul with this. I love final fantasy as much as the next, but this game is borderline unplayable. It really does need a controller to be played how it was intended. The game is weak on the actual fighting as characters don’t offer that much in what they do. Each character is fairly different, but it just gives the feeling of emptiness and a void while playing it. I know I didn’t get far into the game, but games should be interesting from the begging. Combat is super dry. I’m not talking about the art, but just in the way fighting is done feels weak. Visually speaking the game is great, but its not worth the game play.