Divinity Original Sin 2 is the True Baldur's Gate 3


Larian is a cancer on the CRPG genre. Larian is the only thing keeping the CRPG genre alive. Why? The first game gets boring after first hub and the story was trying too hard to not tell me things. I never tried the sequel thanks to this. How does it improve those points? Why is gameplay addictive? Do the story have branching paths or quest have different outcomes? Do builds matter outside of battle mechanics? I mean you can pirate D:OS2 and try it for yourself and see. The first hub has a lot less interest than the second or third, and as far as the story goes it’s pretty obvious what’s going down from the first exposition drop, so both of your main issues aren’t as quite at the forefront. Seems like pretty silly things to get caught up on in the first place desu but never suffered the first game anyway.

Gameplay is a pretty fair balance of “your character is an invincible god” and “the enemy has bullshit tactics” that you’re allowed and almost encouraged to be as ridiculous as possible. You have a fair amount of flexibility in both your own character and the party composition that you can build into whatever suits you and so long as you’re not a literal vegetable it’ll probably work. The story’s pretty alright, nothing crazy revolutionary but still a pretty neat twist on your run-of-the-mill CRPG story. I played the game once on my own and once with a group of 3 other friends (some of whom had also beaten the game on their own) and repeatedly through the story we commented that we had never thought to try out certain options or that it never occurred to us to pick a certain dialogue option, and going through the game with some of your mates makes the end payoff of the story that much more enjoyable.