Do We Even Need Women? Shemales are Better

Shemales are hotter

Unless you want to have children, which is a huge mistake in our modern society, there’s no reason to get married to even bother with women. Having children is fucking stupid because in the West, men have zero legal rights and your wife can divorce you and kidnap your kids away from you and you’ll never see them again, while being forced to pay alimony and child support to your ex-wife. Basically, only uneducated and stupid people have kids anymore. So if we aren’t going to deal with women, what’s the alternative?

Shemales. Shemales are much hotter than real women anyway, at least the ones who actually try to look like a real woman. Check out Asian, indian, or south american shemales. White shemales and black shemales have a hard time pulling off the feminine look, so better to avoid those two races of shemales. Shemales give much better blowjobs and handjobs than real women. Shemales also have a very high sex drive, so you’ll be engaging in sexual activity daily with them. They are also far more loyal than any real woman. They also have much better personalities than real women. Real women are fucking stupid.

What about the penis, you ask? Well, let’s refer to it as a “Princess Stick”, not a penis. Imagine the look of orgasmic ecstasy on your shemale girlfriend’s face as her Princess Stick erupts. It’s far, far hotter than any stupid normal woman. And regardless, I am pretty sure that the “female orgasm” is a huge myth.