Do You Use Cheats for Video Games?

i do

Did you truly beat a game if you used cheats, or save-stating/rewinding? Seems uncontroversial to say that beating a game with cheats isn’t equivalent to beating it normally. I think it depends on the degree. For example, I’m not really going to fault someone for saving their game in an old NES game that didn’t have a save battery. Can be argued to depend on how you use it. If you’re capable enough to play up to whatever part you save-stated at consistently, then it can be argued that you’re just making your way back to that part quickly. Meanwhile, if you do a section once and save-state without having done that section to a consistent degree, then save states can be considered cheating. But that’s my opinion. For example, save-stating to suspend your game and then only using the state to come back to it later isn’t cheating, or example. That’s basically just a more convenient form of leaving the console on overnight. Using them to bypass long passwords is reasonable too. You still beat it just while cheating like a motherfucker, and you’ll most likely have no clue how the game is actually played. It does make me wonder why zoomers never simply play the game legit after they “learn” it with rewind, save states. Do they know that their own “I beat a challenge once therefore I never have to do it again” is absolute bullshit deep down? Obviously you should just have fun with them, nobody really cares much if you play a single-player game with cheats. I think tons of people here, myself included, loved messing around with Game Genie and other cheats in the past. It’s just that there are big differences between the two ways of playing. A lot of these people are by no means casuals and play for more than just a couple of hrs on the weekends. If you spend so much time on games you better do it right desu otherwise it’s just sad. The people getting offended by Mike’s twat are clearly attached to their precious gamer identity, but then also want to halfass what is basically their hobby. Of course it’s fine. There are some issues I have with the current discourse around this though. First, is people saying that games that make you repeat progress as punishment for failing is nothing but poor, outdated game design to artificially extend the game. It’s a bit sad seeing people deeply involved with video games not being able to appreciate or understand this style of game.

Second, is the idea that being against all games including easy modes or built-in cheats is a form of “gatekeeping” or “ableism.” I don’t have a problem with these optional modes or options, but I don’t think a game should be faulted for not including them. I also think there are valid reasons for not including them, whether it’s to encourage a particular experience or to save development time, or some other reason. I also disagree with the idea that making all games appeal to all people is a desirable goal. It’s better to have a huge variety of games so that all people can find something they enjoy.