DOTA Underlords is a Brand New Game


The current state of the game is a completely unbalanced, slow, boring, and altogether uninspiring mess. Meta is one thing, but when literally only a few compositions can win in a game with so much RNG, the entire premise of the game is broken. I’ll never understand any game that has tons of content (in this case, all the playable units) and yet 90% of that content is useless in any meaningful or competitive way. I’ve played all the mobile/pc auto chess games and have probably 1000+ hours in this genre across all those games, and I can easily say that Dota Underlords has gone from once my favorite to now my least favorite—and not just because of the lack of balancing.

If you want an auto battler and you can put up with mobile games, maybe try AUTO CHESS: ORIGIN or CHESS RUSH (my personal favorite), they are both better than this game (in its current version at least). Heck, even the lesser known ARENA OF EVOLUTION: RED TIDES and ONMYOJI CHESS were more fun than DU, but unfortunately neither of these two have ever had a player base to make them a worthwhile recommendation. If you’re restricted to PC only or dislike mobile games, I can’t strongly recommend TEAM FIGHT TACTICS (will be on mobile apparently in March 2020 for those interested) because it suffers from a lot of the messy issues DU has, however it does feel like a more balanced and overall better game as compared to DU (though I’ve never been a huge fan of TFT for several reasons such as the carousel rounds). A newer addition to the mix MIGHT & MAGIC: CHESS ROYALE (mobile) is 100 player BR style as the name suggests—a great concept and relatively fun and different take on the auto battler genre—so perhaps check it out as well, however forewarning the RNG is definitely strong with this one ;)

In summary, other auto chess games simply have better balancing, cadence, animations, game modes, character and game board customization, memorable units and backstories, alliances, ranked matchmaking, leaderboards, etc. All I can say for Dota Underlords at this point is it looks nice on my pc and most likely has the largest player base of the lot.