Dragon Quest 11 is One of Square Enix's Only Good Games Lately


If you love beautiful bright worlds, enticing characters, dope turn-based combat, (that has some amazing late game talents as you cross the bridge up to lvl 99), and a lengthy (but so worth it and emotional) story, then this is the game for you! I 10/10 recommend if you like RPG’s even IMO, but especially if you love JRPG’s. One of the best JRPG’s I have played in a long time, there is very little for me to nitpick here. I do hear that the switch version has a lot more added in content (which I’m gonna get too!!) But load times are better and resolution is also on PC. Nonetheless, this is worth your time, do yourself a favor and get lost in it! I love the Dragon Quest series, and this game is no different: the story is great, graphics are awesome, soundtrack is amazing and all is coherent with the classics. I almost feel bad for having to say negative things about a DQ game… however, when I was in the final stages of the game, I ended up finding out that this thing being sold here is just an incomplete version of the game. The store page doesn’t inform you, but there are tons of important content and history lacking here (as far as I know, its lacking items, quests, whole bits of the story and even soundtrack parts…). If one buys this, like I did, one will be purchasing incomplete material inadvertedly. If I knew about this lack of content in the beginning, I would not have bought this game when I did.