Dungeons & Dragons Online is a Classic MMO


Once upon a time, there were several really good MMORPG’s. One of them was called Dungeons and Dragons: Eberron. Yours truly was a subscriber to these mmo’s, and when Eberron went free to play, I spent hundreds on dollars on it. That was about a decade ago, however. Today’s version of these mmo’s are garbage cash grabs tweaked to bilk every shiny penny they can from you. Why? Because they are all owned by Daybreak. If you are unfamiliar with this company, they debuted by announcing “Everquest Next”, and after taking in a serious amount of pre-order cash from customers, canned the idea. That’s right – they cancelled EQ Next. To this day, there are still thousands of people who did NOT get refunded for various BS reasons cited by Daybreak. Don’t believe me? Look it up. These – and I use the term loosely – “people” now own several once-popular mmo’s and have butchered them all into these crappy penny-pinching monstrosities. I remember when, if you felt like it, you could unlock a “premium” character type (like a monk) for under 5 bucks. Now? 15. Each. And your favourite races? Cash gated. The original f2p model by its original creators was a little grabby, but Daybreak have pushed the envelope to the extreme, and you should NEVER give these “people” your money. Play it out of spite so it costs them, and never drop a dime on their murdered “games” – because that’s what this once loved game (and many like it) has been: MURDERED. Maybe one day Daybreak will go bankrupt, and these once great titles can be revitalised and reborn by unpaid fans and enthusiasts. Until then, I’ll be waiting.