Elder Scrolls Online Has Great PvP


whatever your game style of play this has it all .. full of questing which you can do solo or in a group .. hours after hours of creative stories .. characters to love and hate .. monsters which of course you need to kill .. 4 person and 12 person dungeons and trials .. solo delves (like a very mini dungeon) .. pvp areas (3 in total) you have cyrodiil which big groups use seige weapons to knock down walls and turn flags to make the keeps/castles/forts their own .. Imperial city/sewers which you fight opposing factions as well as npc monsters ,,Battlegrounds which are 4×4×4 battles with different targets to achieve

If you like the creative side of games it also has crafting with being able to furnish your own houses (which you can unlock or buy with in game gold or crowns) only your own imagination holding you back on how your furnish them (and finding the patterns you want)
I have played over 9,000 hours and still have not yet completed every zone on one single character (I get sidetracked to doing other stuff very easily) you are able to make 9 characters (more if you buy more character slots) so it’s very easy to start up another way of fighting with another character

yes this game has some glitches and bugs and some are really amusing (like running on top of your mount) while others are totally annoying
all in all whether you like chilling out following quests or going in for a full on pvp fight I highly recommend this game