Elder Scrolls Online is the Best MMORPG Right Now


One of the best MMO’s on the market today, amazing value for the initial investment and tons of content to keep you busy for a long long time. Highly recommend! I have never played an MMO that is fully scripted with voice acting where you feel that you are truly immersed with the quest giver. The worlds are so different from one another, I started at Summerrest but i feel in love with Elsweyr’s desert theme location + Khajiit is my favorite race so I had to buy the DLC and start my journey there.

Ultimately, i didn’t think I will enjoy the game as much as I thus far, from combat system (1st and 3rd person view), to extremely flexible talents, weapons, and the extremely helpful community, it is just so much fun to play and get lost in Tamriel. They use clever marketing terms to obfuscate and justify not delivering all DLC. They achieve this by calling new DLC a chapter. When a new DLC aka chapter is released it appears that in half the cases e.g. Morrowwind and Summerset are then in marketing terms magically called a DLC and provided to ESO+ subscribers. At this time Elsweyr is still considered a chapter. Functionally and through reasonable expectation these chapters are DLC. Effectively what this means to a player is that buying ESO base game and ESO+ will not give one access to all the content as stated in the description. At this time 2/16/20, one would still be required to buy the Greymoor edition and ESO+ to receive all content. This type of marketing has been the scourge of the industry for years and must be stopped.

It is important to state that when one clicks play in Steam, a launcher is started, and a timer starts. Additional updates and installations will use 30 to 45 minutes of the two hours available for a player to determine if one requires a refund. After coming to the realization of what has happened and still wanting to obtain all content one could potentially get stuck with base game for $19.99 and still be required to buy the Greymoor pack for $59.99 or each new DLC individually which will cost more. Likewise, if one determined they did not want to continue and was able to refund you would still lose the ESO+ subscription fee purchased a minimum of $15.99. Missing the refund window could potentially even add the $19.99 for the base game coming to a minimum $35.98 loss.