EVE Online is a Very Interesting Unique Game


Ever since i jumped into my frigate i never left it until a random player in high-sec shot me down. I had no money to afford another combat ship so i turned to mining. where i was harassed on multiple occasions and ordered me to pay 10 million interStellar Kredits. Since i didn’t have the money he wanted to know answer to some questions which i didn’t knew and blew me up for not knowing how many apples a tree contains.

Eve online is a fantastically fun idea where you get the chance to live a space fantasy buuuuutt… You have about a year and a half before you can fly that ship you want to be anything like the other players… twice that without paying for the subscription that whole time. If you have the money you can get a good start but since everything is destructible it might still not pay off. Entry into the game is complex because of the depth of the game but also because there are no safeguards for new players. Everything you get after 50 hours of play can just bet blown up and you have nothing again. If you like that its the game for you but I don’t think many people love that feeling.

The ultimate big boys’ toy. It’s not like any game, it’s probably not quite right to call it a game. It’s an activity and it’s a universe and it has more depth than anything. I’ve never had to pay to play but if ccp changed back to a subscription model I probably would. Someone with enough smarts and experience can kill any p2w punk.

The ‘game’ is hard work at the start, no argument there and if someone rich decides to harass you repeatedly you basically need a new character. I figure most people quit when they lose their first really nice ship but you need to be an adult and push through that. You’ll have some amazing experiences but you have to work for them.