Even 8chan Incel Losers Still Believe in the Idea of Marriage


Only literal incel virgins still believe in the concept of marriage. Everyone else has evolved and moved on. These fucking faggots need to just bang prostitutes, it’s not like any woman would want these losers anyway, and prostitution is better than having a girlfriend or wife regardless. Here’s some repulsive obnoxious posts from the 8chan incels:

You do not need the recognition of the state to get married. Call her your wife if you want. Just don’t go through the government intermediaries.

Simply get gud at persuasion. Yeah, there’s cultural/social pressure.. but don’t give into it. “Normal” Weddings are objectively a huge waste of money. Do a little ceremony in your backyard and invite your friends and family if you like.

Plus, a marriage may actually make your relationship worse. It changes the structure of the relationship and gives her immense legal power over you. Psychologically, a woman can interpret it to be that she possesses or ‘owns’ you now.

If she’s going to leave you because you refuse to get married … either your persuasion skills are shit, or she wasn’t going to stick by you to begin with. You are the man – the leader of the relationship. You can definitely have a great relationship, with kids and all, without having to get fucked by the state.

That way that wife image becomes clearer. Let’s not be wishy-washy about that and just handwave her into your wife. Rituals are important and as a traditionalist I want to revive a few and not abandon the few we have left.

She’s not my wife, if I just feel like calling her that on certain days. There needs to be a clear before and after. She needs to be declared my wife in front of the community. That is the difference between an affair and a wife. It’s offical. You don’t need a state to marry, but marriage is out in the open.

Doesn’t work in the US. Divorce here is based on where you divorce, not on where you got married. Even within the US itself. If you get married in Texas, but divorce in California, then it’s California law that applies. Further, some states don’t recognize a foreign marriage; so you’d have to get re-married in your state of residence in order to get that license issued. Further further, some states don’t even recognize other states’s marriages! For example, you can be what’s known as “common law” married in one state, but if you move to a state that doesn’t have common law marriage, then you’ll have to get a state issued marriage license if you move to a new state!

This is it, man. The man stays the boss by not surrendering to the contracted slavery that is marriage. In extremely feminist England, the United Kingdom, a woman can even claim half a man’s property if they lived together unmarried for some years. She will claim it was a common law marriage.

I am personally concerned about how the native huwite or even half huwite people are being vastly out-bred by the Moors muslims and Africans who have double digit numbers of kids and claim state benefits for this – I read a British born Pakistani blogger from UK who calls it a career choice – getting paid to stay home and have kids.

At least the new Conservative government last year changed the law so that they only get paid for the first 3 kids now. But until 2019 more kids = more gibs me dats

That is truly how bad it is here in UK. “If only you knew how bad it really is”

So sometimes I advise poor huwite couples to just chill, quit working and get paid to have kids, cos Hey, all those foreigners are doing it here anyway.

Within the current legal framework, a “family” would be a privately held corporation that owns everything and extracts membership fees from each adult in the family. That way potential legal fees could be spread out amongst the other family members who would then impose some semblance of sanity upon the women.

This would also allow the family to pool resources to stop rent seeking members from destroying the inter-generational advancement of the family. A divorcee won’t have the resources to enslave other members of the family.

Because the family is a corporation, it would also hold a business license, which could be used to bulk buy common goods, further saving money.

You sell it to her by calling it a “common-law marriage,” and you say that you don’t want the government to be involved in your love. This shouldn’t feel dishonest or manipulative – the concerns being brought up are that the government is a negative force on the institution of marriage, and the people here sincerely don’t want the government involved in their love lives because of it. A sufficiently romantic girl will happily agree to such an idea (“Our love is above the law!”), and everything becomes fine.

You STILL GIVE HER A NICE CEREMONY though. This is something that any reasonable woman has been dreaming about for most of her life – you’re an awful person if you skimp too hard on the ceremony, especially for a woman who deserves it. You don’t need to blow five figures on it, but you do need to dress up, have someone present to deliver the rites, and have a nice big cake – ideally in a place that you’ve rented out for the occasion.

Marriage Law in the US is awful, but the solution doesn’t involve devaluing women and treating them poorly. It involves treating them well, and by forcing the government out of the sacred bonds between you and your wife.

As an aside, go for white sapphires rather than diamonds for wedding rings. Most girls don’t really know the difference, and you’re not throwing money at a corrupt diamond cartel in the process. Diamonds are shit-tier stones. Sapphires are great.

Gold vs. Silver wedding ring depends mostly on your wife’s skin tone. You should figure out if gold or silver jewelry looks best on her. Ask a woman for help if you don’t know how to do this. Don’t get suckered in to thinking gold is better just because of the cost – depending on the woman, silver might be a better option.

If you’re thinking about colored stones, a blue sapphire on a silver wedding ring or a red/pink ruby on a gold wedding ring would be good. A green emerald might work on either, but is honestly sort of thoughtless unless there’s a good reason for it (maybe your wife just really likes green).

Of course, ask your future wife about her feelings on the matter – that ring is on her finger for her entire life. If she tries to downplay the value of the wedding ring, she’s totally fucking lying and you should make a big romantic gesture to explain how much she means to you. You want to make sure every detail of this is perfect, and you want to slightly surprise your wife with something absolutely beautiful and personally crafted for her – as opposed to a sort of thoughtless “lol its a diamond.”

Historically wrong, the concept of marriage is a folk custom that predates religion and religion took it over because its a powerful institution to manipulate society. Before you had civil law marriage the religions were constantly bitching that the people had marriage customs that were not conform with the will of the church. Then later when state and religion were separated in modern nations to allow religious freedom, the people basically took back the control over marriages from the religions. However that freedom has been eroded by political activists who seek to control it just like the religions to manipulate society.