Fascist White Police Arrest at Gunpoint a Girl who was Dressed as a Star Wars Trooper

fascist pigs

White people are evil fascists. It’s only white cops who would arrest a girl dressed as a Star Wars stormtrooper with machine guns. This kind of sick shit only happens in white countries. You’d never hear about such things happening anywhere else in the world. White people are by nature fascist control freaks and until the white race goes extinct, there will not be peace on earth.

White men who mix with asian women are being allowed to live a heavenly Luciferian lifestyle. White male-asian female couples have the 2nd highest household income in America. So if you are a white man and you have white children with a white woman, you are going to be punished severely by God because you are creating more white demons. The white race must go extinct. White people hate freedom. In non-white countries, you can do whatever you want and no one will stop you. But in white countries, which are police states, if you forget to ask the government first if you can wipe your own ass, the police will show up with machine guns and blow you to Hell for wiping your own ass. White people hate freedom.