Female "Leadership" is a Myth

Women are incapable of being leaders

Thinking back on my life, I’ve probably encountered around 10,000 women or so in my lifetime so far. And yet only one of those women would I describe as an actual inspiring leader type of person. One out of ten-thousand. It’s safe to say that the very idea of “female leadership” is a total lie and a myth promoted by feminists and Marxists. What about some of our country’s female leaders, you may say? Well I just saw a video of Jacinda Ardern who is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. In this video, she was walking, and there was a very clear object that was bouncing and juggling in her crotch area while she was walking. Jacinda Ardern has a penis. You heard it here first, folks!

Now I am not condemning that at all. I like a good feminine-looking shemale as much as the next guy. What I don’t like are people lying about who they really are.

What about Michelle Obama? She’s a great leader, right? Well, are you aware that she has a penis? Just google, there are so many pics of Michelle Obama’s penis sticking out from her dresses. Michelle Obama was born as Michael Robinson. I hope the glow-in-the-dark CIA niggers don’t punish me for saying that, but then again everyone knows that Michelle Obama has a penis. It’s not even a secret anymore.

Anyway, let’s end this article on a high note. If you really want to see what a superhot feminine shemale looks like, then google either “Jane Marie” or “Natalie Foxx”. Now that is what a shemale should look like!