Feminism is a Virus

Feminism is cancer

I haven’t seen many threads on /pol/ that nailed the behavior of women to the extent pic related does. Instead of going on and on about how women are inferior to men, let’s actually explain why they do the certain things they do, as most men cannot comprehend the rationales for most of women behavior due to women being incredibly irrational beings.

For most women, social media is their form of hierarchy. They have to constantly compete with every other attention-seeking woman for likes and follows, as that’s what defines status for them. It’s effectively a technological version of high school popularity contests.

For men, status means an entirely different thing. Intelligence, confidence, strength, responsibility, financial gains, and charisma are some of the main attributes that compose the hierarchical structure for men. All you need to do to understand is imagine if you, as a man, got the same amount of unearned attention as woman gets. You’d end up acting pretty much the same exact way as them.

Feminism is a viral bioweapon virus. A bio-terrorism outbreak. These “people” mutate and become Demons.

How to spot the infection!

Wanting to destroy the family and men, hatred of children, wanting(and doing) killing of babies along with abortion, sexual/gender confusion, increase rates of homosexuality, pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia,transgender, various disturbing fetishes, cannibalism, wanting to destroy whites, social castes like social insects in large numbers, SIDS, miscarriages, fertility issues , stillborn’s, wanting to attack and fuck the un-infected, obsession with things like snakes, sexual promiscuity(large numbers of partners), etc

There are more men who have prepared themselves for marriage and parenthood than women. Women are also choosing lifestyles that delay motherhood, so even the ones who are ready are close to spitting out autistic downies. Kids actually aren’t that expensive, they mostly require time. They become expensive when you try to pay someone else to spend time raising your kids. The problem is rent is so high in major cities and suburbs that having a kid before you buy a house means you might not buy a house until late 30s, and may have to move.

Young girls with Daddy issues are what you want to look for, then. Otherwise it’s a gamble trying to have a kid with a roastie. I’m sorry, anon, but the biological clock is very real and very unforgiving. Our society has its priorities all wrong and the birthrates won’t get any better until we start prioritizing children and their well-being over our own selfish happiness. I loved my kids and wife but she was pozzed from the start with feminism. I realized too late that I wasn’t firm enough with her and for that reason our marriage fell apart.