Feminism is Causing Young Men to Kill Themselves

evil feminism

How many men refrain from finding a mate because the women they know are all whores by the time they’re supposed to start dating?

How many White women are ruined by the beginning of their adult lives because they bought the lie that birth control means sexual promiscuity is just fine?

How many of these women later grow old and realize they regret their mistakes and want children, only to find out nobody wants to have children with them?

How many men eject themselves from this ‘game’ and make the conscious decision never to get involved, either at all or beyond meaningless sex?

How many children are born to single mothers as a result of this meaningless sex?

How many children grow up fatherless and feminized?

How many young men, lacking any reason to live, kill themselves every year?

Alpha fucks, beta bucks…

Dumb white whore will fuck around 5-50 guys in her college/early 20s to ‘find herself’ chances are she’ll end up with an abortion or a single mom

She’ll either:

-End up drinking red wine and complaining where are all the good men


-Marry a beta simp who will actually see her as a score while enduring her wrath about him not being chad/tyrone. The simp will be forced to pay for chad/tyrones leftover hellspawn and cant tell him what to do because ‘hes not the father’

Fellas,…. don’t fall for this shit!