Feminism is Completely Retarded and Dumb

feminist idiots

Modern feminism is a branch of leftistm. The reason the Left has been able to dominate culture and the public narrative for so long is because the Right basically allows them to. The Right doesn’t challenge the Left in any meaningful way because the Right have a suicidal passive mentality. The Right tends to mind their own business and live in their own little bubbles isolated from the culture war, which allows the the Left to conquer “territory” unchallenged. The Left has basically achieved “air superiority” many years ago. The Left controls all the social infrastructures that influence public perception and opinion like Hollywood, mainstream media, schools, etc. The Right still thinks the Left deserves to be treated with respect because of the “my fellow American” mentality. This is extremely naive thinking. Respect is earned and the Left is completely undeserving of respect. It would be immoral to respect those so undeserving of it. The Right still clings to old rules of conduct like the golden rule of “do not do onto others that which you would not want done to you” and “turn the other cheek” etc. An extremely dangerous expectation that seems to be prevalent among the Right is the expectation that this is all going to blow over and everything will return to normal. This is as insane as expecting cancer to just magically disappear. Too many among the Right think their political abilities are limited to simply voting. But voting is just the bare minimum. The vast majority of citizens political power is social activism. The Right’s social activism capabilities are very weak compared to the left’s. The Right lacks the cohesion that enable the Left to fight like a professional army while the Right are more like Native American warriors that fight individually instead of soldiers that fight as a unit. Individualism is a very serious weakness. Collective action is greater than the sum of its parts. Another problem with the Right is that they seem to only react defensively to the Left’s initiative and almost never counter attack in any substantial way. Another problem of the Right is their over-reliance on “champions.” These “champions” are the few outspoken right-wingers that have gained notoriety. But they are too few and vulnerable to censorship.