Feminism was Part of the Jewish Master Plan?


What was the point of feminism? It was a vital step towards the destruction of Edom — through the termite-like undermining of the goyim societal structure, which were largely built upon (albeit, tenuously: and mostly on the fleeting dopamine hit associated with superficial attraction and sex) the male-female pair-bonding dynamic.

By fulfilling those one, particular Protocol, the cohesiveness of the Edom’s societal substratum has been weakened sufficiently enough facilitate and, indeed, accentuate the effect(s) of the many other angles of attack being applied to the target: distrust in governing institutions; anger caused by pharaohic wealth disparity; ingrained, blinkered tribalism; primeval prejudices; the effect of generations of under- / ill-education et al..

From what’ve read at least 60% of women vote for more taxation no matter what it is for. These disgusting thots literally think it’s a blessing if they rub their disease ridden snatches on this before someone buys it, like it adds extra value or something. Fuck, women need to be banned from leveraging their sexuality, they only use it for bad. It allowed women to no longer be forced to marry an undesirable (beta) man to survive, so it accomplished what women wanted. It also lowers the birth rate in every country that empowers their women, so it accomplished what social engineers who believe the world is overpopulation wanted. Women barely pay taxes as it is, let alone if they all became stay-at homes.Stay at home women are unaffordable in an age of mass retirment. Seriously, it would bankrupt us. The entire point, from women’s suffrage onward, was an attack on the nuclear family. The degradation of society starts with that. No one is better off, especially women. 90s men are weak, it’s just that simple a lot of people in general rather take and run vs call out and go. If more men called out thots instead of being passive aggressive we would have less issues.