Feminism Wrecks the Poor, Harder?

Poo in Loo

Since the ideology of feminism wants both the sexes in all the fields, it halves the value of workers by over-saturating job markets.
Because these females are given equal opportunity but are three quarter the competency, The output of whole economy decreases. Women in the workplace also distract men and thus lower men’s productivity as well.

Once these laws promoting so called equality come in, they are impossible to remove since no one wants their daughters to ‘suffer’ even though all the daughters would be happier staying a home. It seems the only way that feminism will end is through a collapse of civilization.

How do we undo the damage?

Take for instance, the case of India.

The population level is already too high. The education system is based on regurgitation which women are good at. Men fail in such an education system (though the same men excel in foreign education system like that of Canada).

This has lead to women taking most god paying jobs.

Men with jobs deemed lesser, than that of a women, remain unmarried.

Among the lowest of low, only women get to work, men have to live doing the life of crime.

Scummy men who are just rich enough to get out of the country, do. Thus causing havoc in western economy.

Then these same scummy corrupt rich indians go to the West and slowly start leeching their way into leadership and hiring positions at companies. Once they get into a position where they can hire people, they only hire indians, and thus within 5 years the company collapses since indians can’t do anything on their own. Indians are basically parasites who cannot create anything of their own. Indians only know how to STEAL other’s hard work.