Feminist Women Are Submissive in Bed to their Men


I’ve dated women who claim to be feminist but ultimately just want a man to have a kid with and provide a nice cosy family home. They’re full of shit, basically. Don’t trust what they say. That’s my experience. They say all this woke shit online but then are just submissive and normal in a relationship sexually and emotionally.

We just started dating and she fucks like a champ. Didn’t seem to care that we’re completely opposite politically. I think she’s all talk online and in our relationship she’s been like every other girl only she fucks amazingly well. If you fuck any woman well enough everything is possible, complete reprogramming with the dick, but if you’re even half a pussy forget it, she’ll see the weakness and despise you. The best thing about dating feminists is seeing the difference between what they’re saying in public and how they act in private.

I’ve dated a few true feminists: they hate their dad, have no desire for children and general dislike of children, despise traditional gender roles, won’t cook, etc. Sure the sex was good because that’s were all the repressed femininity is unleashed. They really like to get hammered and dominated. But then its back to retard mode. There is no silver lining, just walk away. Save the great sex for your future wife; heartbreak is not worth serial monogamy. Fuck all that. A true man can fuck whatever bullshit a woman believes in, out of her. Kinda sad, but cool at the same time. Women will literaly worship whoever fucks them best.