Feminists Are a Disease that Just Keeps on Giving

Fork feminism

You would not believe the amount of shit I get for saying that men should avoid marriage. I appreciate that there are girls that are attracted to me but I don’t want a slut. Or one with mouth herpes- or “cold sores” as the roasties like to put it.

Women are toxic as fuck as bad as cancer if not worse. At least you will come to terms with terminal cancer and die in relative peace. Women are the disease that just keeps on giving. A fifteen year relationship is in the past and forgotten within a few, tears on demand, short weeks. You may as well be a stranger. They say it’s just that they are pragmatic and see no sense in dwelling and feeling hurt, thus they never learn shit from their chaotic nuking of men’s lives. Meanwhile a guy will feel a worried, painful twinge even a year later when she comes to mind. You’ll still be reminded of her by random scents, sounds, places, and set and settings. Friends will tell you of how well she is doing and moving on with things, while you will feel punched in the face by the things you hear she has said about you, or how she is beyond old hangups she seemed so unwilling to surmount while with you.

The myth of the nurturing mother is exactly that, a fucking myth. Children are programed by their mothers from the get go to be the cucked male emotional basket cases or the cold hard pragmatic female sluts. Probably why the children of single full time fathers I have known have all turned out so very well, while the children I know of single full time mothers are such hot messes.