Feminists Hate When Men Enjoy Life and Have Fun

man haters

Women are always into retarded shit like astrology and serial killers and thinking they’re a witch and shit and will circle up and bang the cunt drum for any woman criticized for doing anything by a man even if they hate the woman or however she is acting generally. Even more hilarious is how feminists you to get all up on their hind legs about exclusively have the ability to carry and bear children. Now it’s twenty year old blue hairs with daddy issues screeching about how great abortion is and the fact that they’ll never bow down to have kids. When she hits 30 she’ll decide she’s not a lesbian anymore and she’ll try to find a man. She’ll either get a beta providor or she’ll start bitching that there are no good men left after no guy will wife her.

Ever heard of that “journalist” / “porn producer” Tristan Taormino? She made a bunch of books and porn trying to teach women how to enjoy taking it in the ass. When she writes about herself, she goes out of her way to say that she’s “a lesbian for political reasons”. Then, in one of her videos, takes it in the ass from a couple of dudes. Straight up doublethink, delusion, or just opportunistic bullshit.

Most of them become even more bitter and radical when they realize they ruined their lives. They still blame men and encourage the young blood into the same destructive path as theirs. If they are miserable, nobody should be happy. That’s why feminism is entirely focused on destroying people’s happiness. They just can’t stand people being happy, they have to constantly create problems that don’t exist.

The suffragettes and temperance movement were the exact same mob of old maids and bored housewives. Enacting prohibition was literally the driving reason women wanted votes, and why the 18th and 19th were basically enacted together. Men, including older married men, at the time were hooking up with young, attractive women at bars and nightclubs and the old and ugly women needed a way to put a stop to it. All they ever cared about was their dusty pussy.

Women seek security and are essentially authoritarian following herd animals. They are happy to vote everyone rights away to the government as a surrogate for personal responsibility and choice based on their emotions. Politicians know all they have to do is pose otherwise overreaching socialist policy through an emotionally charged appeal to women for a vote to grab power. Women vote based on their stupid emotions. They have a mothering instinct that they apply to the government. Show a woman a crying child and shell vote for whatever nonsense you want. Women have no business in politics or the workplace.

You are one false accusation away from having your life irreparably destroyed, in every conceivable way. And every woman knows it, and despite what they say, or how much they bitch about it men not taking accusations seriously, none of them are above doing it.