Final Fantasy 10 was the Final Game made by Squaresoft


Play this game if you haven’t yet. It is the best Final Fantasy, and the last one that was made by Square Soft. SE just can’t compete with it’s former self, and It’s been evident in almost every game they have released thus far. FFX-2 is still a great game, but pales in comparison to it’s predecessor. The music, the atmosphere, game play, characters are all top notch. This is a masterpiece RPG.

This game has interesting mechanics, one of which is the most fun is the sphere grid. You can control how each character is leveled. There are multiple ways to defeat enemies, through combat, summoned monsters (called Aeons), or exploiting Rikku’s overdrive (called Mixes). The story is quite interesting, albeit some cringeworthy moments (canonically are intentional). The one thing I do not like about this game are the Blitzball games, and the exhaustingly long grinds for the game’s most powerful weapons. A strategy guide is recommended.

Best game I’ve ever played in the history of ever. I’ve purchased every possible version of this game ever released and have thousands of hours on it, and will probably have thousands more before all is said and done. This game holds the test of time. Has solid graphics, and still breathtaking cinematics. Story is great, just, man, I remembering sinking hours into this game. Auron is still one of the best characters of all time. Isn’t it beautiful? Suteki Da Ne.