Final Fantasy 11 Has a Very Confusing Sign-Up Process


I just picked this up a few weeks ago (having considered it a few years earlier), it’s good for what it is but you will need to read up and be prepared to solo for a few weeks.

As I’m seeing lots of unfavourable reviews, I start with a few warnings:

Initial Account registation is confusing, you have to make three, one square enix, one play online (using your CD Key ) then you need to add subscription details including a subscription for every character you want in game (you can play all classes on 1 character, alts are used only for increased inventory space)
This game is old: the default graphics settings hurt (they’re at PS2 quality) you will need to change settings before you play.
The default control bindings are really odd, you will want to look at the manual.
You won’t have your hand held through quests (you need to read the quest text and will likely need a wiki open at all times).
The economy is not freindly to beginers, you will find no items suitable for beginers on auction (although good leveling gear is available through other means).
The patcher is awful and updates (especially after instal) will take AGES.

What this game does offer is a very old style MMO, in which progression is still reasonably hard and in which you won’t be gifted with gear all the time (after lvl 50). You still have real choice in how you gear and will need to learn your classes.
If you like the mechanics of MMOs 11-7 years ago and want one that’s still active pick this up, it’s also got decent storylines if you chose to follow the mission chains.

Some other points:
The game has made soloing and leveling much easier very recently, addtion of a system where you can get a party of up to 3 NPCs means you can level at a decent pace when solo and exploring all the content of the first 3 expansions (sure they can do stupid things but there are failsafes, like they can’t pull).
The break point for content that’s actually run by endgame players is around lvl 75-80 (this will take a few weeks), note that the quest to raise the level cap from 70 to 75 is very hard for some classes and you may want to main a class that finds it easier.