Final Fantasy 11 Has Been Forgotten and Neglected


Small community (Asura is by far the most lively server) but with the Quality of Life changes, unity and Records of Eminence, this is an easy game to get going on your own. Recommended if you are into old school MMOs or just want to try something different. It is a forgotten final fantasy game. If you like the early 2000s Ps2 era videogame art design this is probably the most premium experience you can buy. Out of the reach of most young gamers when it was initially released due to having to purchase aditional hardware for ps2 on top of subscription costs, expansions and internet woes of the early 2000s. Runs fine on modern computers and though there is a bit of fiddling involved once you have windower installed and unlock the framerate you got a interesting timestamp of a mmo. Just finished raising my first chocobo mount and feels good mate. defs check this out if you want to look into a interesting mmo with a lot of content. Interesting that people are still playing this. its very strange compared to modern mmos but give it a chance its pretty damn comfy.

Still the best MMORPG. I’ve been playing this game since 2004, when it was full of people, with an incredible community and extremely hard. Now everything is easier due to the number of people playing it, but the experience and the story is something unique.

Keep in mind that this game is old (15 year), so some aspect of the gameplay are very different from the newest games, but you won’t be disappointed by the story, the quests, the Endgame. If you are a returning player, you’ll miss some of the old hard grind content like 64 People Dynamis, long experience party or HNM/Sky/Sea God Camp, now everything is Trigger based so you can do when you want, without the long 24h-3days-7days repop and camp. Level up a character to 99 is pretty fast, you can get to Lv. 99 + Master in 1-3 days with the right team. I’ve had some of my best gaming experience and friendship on this game so… Enjoy Vana’diel!