Final Fantasy 11 Has Changed so Much


This game has changed so dramatically in the last two years that it has been nearly unplayable. The once challenging content is now a constant battle to stay lucid as you mindlessly auto-attack the same 3 caterpillars over-and-over again, only to be forced into end-game content that requires you to continue to slay the same monster 100’s of times still! In an attempt to force players to switch from FFXI to FFXIV, Square-Enix has done everything in their power to make this title as unpleasant as possible. It’s not what I expected from square enix in the graphics only tho but its still good very fun to play but I really prefer to play the other game to square enix ( final fantasy to be precise ) but if you don’t mind the graphics you have to get this its really great. Starting with the basics. FFXI is nothing like it was 6 years ago, or even 4 years ago. It has evolved and changed. The developers are forming it, changing it and still are. They’ve implemented and added new things, and FFXI is currently (as to the date of this written review) in its first stage of 4 major updates for this year, which will add the level cap from 75 to 99, and many other things.