Final Fantasy 11 is Good But Beware PlayOnline


Final Fantasy XI is one of the best Massive Multi-player Online Role Playing Games of all time and this is a great set to buy for those looking to get an expansion set or to start playing for the first time. This does include all expansions as of May 2011 but does not include the three most recent add-on scenarios, so beware!

Square-Enix’s official site for Final Fantasy XI,, makes no mention of the newer ultimate collection in their Online Store section, I guess it’s too much to ask for them to update their site now a-days. If you are looking for a good disk-in-box set of Final Fantasy XI, this is a great answer at a great price.

One of the best game online, and one of the oldest game as well, hundreds of quest, creation of character is easy, although would attract more players if you can customize your character like oblivion customization, character creation has a limit which i give that below average, lots of activities and wide range of adventure land.

Leveling is now better than a few years back were easy prey gives you 15 experience point at the most, experience points now could gives you at least 100 experience point which is good, a lot of jobs to choose from and off course you do some research on how you complete quest and missions, and that’s the only thing about this game, you can not depend on those NPC telling you what to do. Do some research on how to finish the quest, old players post their experience on how to complete their missions and quest.